The Grand Teton National Park

After a night in Jackson, Wyoming, I left to make my way to Powell, Wyoming. The road was not a straight one. Yellowstone National Park is still closed (or was at the time I traveled; it opened May 1) so that meant going around the park. From the map, you may notice how US-191 goes from the Grand Teton National Park up to Yellowstone National Park and then US-14 takes you to Cody, Wyoming. Instead, I went around and visited a lot of small towns.


The first amazing sight was, of course, The Grand Tetons!  Wow. I have seen these before but it has been a good 10+ years since my last visit. What is really amazing is how large they are and yet, you can’t see them from just anywhere. I left Jackson, Wyoming and it was like I suddenly drove around the corner and there were these majestic glaciers.

2018-04-24 11.09.36-1IMG_0379IMG_0382

2018-04-24 11.10.19


The Grand Teton is the largest peak you see in the last picture. Over the last 40 years, the Grand Teton and the Middle Teton (just to the left) glaciers have lost 25% of their surface–a testament to climate change. As I drove past the glaciers, I saw some bison roaming around. Even though this is Elk country, all I saw other than the bison, was a single mule deer.


There was a lot of beautiful scenery and then suddenly I found myself at over 9500′ elevation surrounded by snow. I passed the continental divide and slowly descended into Dubois, Wyoming, leaving the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

2018-04-24 11.52.292018-04-24 11.54.262018-04-24 12.18.072018-04-24 12.24.11

After a little more driving I came to the town of Shoshoni and then Thermopolis. The drive around Thermopolis took me through some awesome canyons that dwarfed Georgia and me.

2018-04-24 15.27.03IMG_0403IMG_0404IMG_0405IMG_0407I made it to Powell, Wyoming (population approximately 6,500) and have been enjoying time with family.

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