Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 05.07.2018

As I continue to enjoy the Wyoming landscape, I took time to sit quietly and meditate upon the coming week. Once I got still I asked for messages to help guide us in the coming week. The cards are shown below. I drew from the Tarot of Trees deck but this week I also placed traditional tarot cards below. Sometimes the trees have so much meaning and other times, there is not enough for people to feel comfortable. As always take a look at the cards before reading the interpretations. Take note of the first thing your eye is drawn to. This is often where your personal message lies. After you have reviewed the cards, move down and read the interpretation and see what sounds right for you.

For Monday/Tuesday, May 7-8, is Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords is about feminine energy and swords are about intellect. Upright this card represents a very quick-witted, intelligent woman. She has a good sense of humor and cuts to the chase. She is not one to mince words. Her honesty at times may feel brutal but you always know exactly where you stand with the Queen. She can see the truth in any situation. She is intuitive, intelligent and can be trusted. She may be single by choice or by widowhood or separation. She is never dull or boring but it can take time for her to get to know you. Once she does, she is a wonderful person to talk with. On Monday/Tuesday of the week, you may want to look for the Queen in your life and see what she has to share with you. Or, if you are such a Queen, look for opportunities to share yourself with others.

For Wednesday/Thursday, May 9-10, the card is King of Wands reversed. Kings are about masculine energy and wands are about earthly concerns. Kings are about power and authority. They are often charismatic leaders who can dominate any situation. Kings lead with passion and force. They are virile and can be romantic and humorous. Kings command respect and hate pettiness and mean people. They are often more at home in the country rather than the city and are good family men. Now, the thing about this King of Wands is that the card is reversed. Reversed we now get the message that in the middle of the week we may encounter an indecisive man who is stubborn, intolerant, or prejudiced. Look for opposite traits of the King of Wands. If you are the King of your castle, beware of negative traits. Watch your temper; keep your emotions intact and evaluate the things that seem to upset you. If the King is not you but you have a King in your life, be patient and gentle. This is a good time to know that he is struggling with his own issues and needs help returning to his true self.

Finally, for the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, May 11-13 the card is a major arcana card, 21–The World reversed. The World is the last card of the major arcana and represents the end of a long journey. In traditional tarot, this card shows an androgynous Cosmic Dancer. It should be a joyous time leading to a celebration. However, reversed it has a different meaning. You are near the end of the journey, but you may have doubts and fears about the next journey. Perhaps you fear change or lack vision. These are internal struggles. Your success is waiting for you to change your thoughts and step into your next journey. Are you afraid to travel? Don’t be. Get outside and see new places, meet new people, and explore new experiences. The World reversed could also indicate that you are close to completion but projects or experiences may be delayed just a bit longer. Listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you. You can do this through dream analysis or prayer. Move past any fears and step into the life that awaits you.

This week we have some very interesting cards. Pulling court cards for the first part of the week we have both feminine and masculine energy. Court cards can represent either people or situations. This means the Queen may not be a person but may be a situation where feminine energy is present. The same goes for the King, but with masculine energy. Also happening this week is Mother’s Day, celebrated on Sunday, May 13. Be kind and loving to the Queen(s) in your life.

Peace and Blessings.

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