Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 05.21.2018

This is your weekly tarot for the week starting Monday, May 21, 2018. This week I felt drawn to the Animal Totem Tarot deck created by Leeza Robertson and illustrated by Eugene Smith. The three cards for the week are shown below. Make sure to spend some time reflecting on them before reading the interpretation. As always go with your first thought or the first image your eyes are drawn to. Resistance is often a sign of Ego not wanting to acknowledge the truth. Let’s get started.

For Monday/Tuesday, May 21-22, the card is Queen of Cups and the animal is the Moose. Did you know moose can swim? It turns out they know where the good stuff is. The vegetation is greener and fresher down in the water and there is less effort to obtain the sweet things. Queens are nurturers but the Queen of Cups is in particular, a very emotional (cups) nurturer. She wants what is best for family and friends. She is not afraid to go deep to find meaning and truth. She will ride the current as far as it takes her in order to stay balanced and connected. She is a visionary, a psychic soul, honest, loyal and kind. Her predictions can be very accurate so it is good to listen to the Queen in your life. Other meanings for this card include a reminder to eat more greens and drink more water or to head to a large body of water to refresh your soul and reconnect with your true nature.

For Wednesday/Thursday, May 23-24, the card is Nine of Swords and the animal is the Whippoorwill. Whippoorwills can be very noisy and the Nine of Swords is about sleep and rest. It is sometimes referred to as the stress-out insomniac card. The good news is that this particular card is reversed. Reversed it indicates there is patience available. This patience will help see you through both good times and challenging times. It allows you to be unselfish and think of others. Instead of fighting for sleep, do as the Whippoorwill and sing, smile, or laugh. Watch a funny movie; relax and destress. Things are often not as challenging as we make them up to be in our minds. Step back and take a bigger view of what is going on. Count your blessings, be grateful for what is working out in life. If it helps and you are able to do so, ask someone else to help carry the load you struggle with. Delegate and share so that you can focus on what you do best.

For the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, May 25-27, the card is 14–Temperance and is represented by the Flamingo. Temperance is about self-control and moderation. Flamingos are not born pink. How healthy and happy they are, determines the level of pink coloring that shows. One way that we stay healthy is to stay balanced. Often times the best conversations we have are when we are engaged with others who do not share the same beliefs that we do. This is important for good mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional growth. Through exposure to different people, places, and things, we either re-evaluate our own beliefs or our personal beliefs become that much stronger. You can achieve great things when you cooperate with others. Seek adaptation, coordination, and cooperation. Also, Flamingos change color depending on the number of proteins they are consuming. Be sure to eat plenty of good proteins over the weekend so that you can maintain your healthy color and stay balanced.

That is a look at the week ahead. Be mindful. Be kind. Stay balanced.

Peace and love,

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