Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 05.28.2018

This is your weekly tarot for the week starting Monday, May 28, 2018. The cards were drawn from the Rider-Waite deck and are shown below. You may notice that all three cards are major arcana cards. This means there are some BIG things happening in this last week of May, first few days of June. Now let’s get started.

For Monday/Tuesday, May 28-29, the card is 20–Judgment. Here we see an archangel calling people up from the dead. The week starts out with an awakening or renewal. There may be a change in your consciousness, your spirituality, your emotional and spiritual growth. Perhaps life has been going well and you have been working diligently. It may be time for a journey now. The journey might be physical but it could also be a spiritual journey. At long last your eyes are open and you are seeing life as it truly is. You have awakened and life will never be the same. This is a good way to start the week. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.

Then we move on to the middle of the week, Wednesday/Thursday, May 30-31, where the card is 21-The World reversed. In its usual position this card signifies completion and reward as shown by the dancer celebrating in the center of the card. However, reversed it is a reminder that the journey is not yet complete. You may have stalled on your major projects in life. Perhaps you have lost vision. This calls for some major changes; those that require thinking, seeing, and feeling outside the box. Or maybe a break will help. Take time to travel and see different people or experience different things. You alone can control the progress of your projects and your life. You can either stagnate where you are, or you can step forward and get back in the flow of life.

For the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, June 1-3, the card is 13–Death reversed. The Death card signifies the end of something. As one of the most feared cards in tarot, the real meaning of the Death card is transformation. In order to be transformed, something must end. However, reversed this card signifies disaster, upheaval or anarchy. Death, like The World, shows stagnation. You may have bad habits that you choose to ignore and these are keeping you stuck. Are you in a relationship that is going nowhere? What are you afraid of? Change is the one constant we all can count on. It is coming. You can either jump in the river and go with the flow, or you can fight it. You always have a choice.

This is where it seems fitting to remind people that tarot is used to show what can happen. Armed with the knowledge presented, you continue to have control. Knowing that there will be completions and endings this week, you can either be aware and seek to grow from the experiences or you can bury your head and stay stuck. The difference between The World and Death cards is that with The World, something is completed or fulfilled. With Death, something is ending. It is possible for something to end but never reach completion of fulfillment. There is not always growth. It is also possible that some things come to completion but never end. Think of this in terms of a relationship. You can end a relationship but not complete it by not learning what the relationship had to teach you. This often feels like death and loss. You can also complete a relationship (which could lead to the ending) but through completion, you have learned what you needed to learn and have grown from the experience and can now look forward to the next great experience.

For other things happening in the world, Monday, May 28 is Memorial Day in the U.S. It is a time to celebrate those in the armed services who lost their lives while serving to protect the freedoms in the U.S. On May 29 there will be a full moon. In Native American lore, this is the Full Flower Moon. It signals a time of fertility when the ground starts to warm up and plants can now safely be put in the ground. Flowers begin to poke through the ground and the world becomes colorful after a long, cold winter. That’s it for this week. Go forth with eyes wide open. Jump in and go with the flow of the river of love.

Peace and love,

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