Weekly Tarot For the Week Starting 06.25.2018

This is your weekly tarot for the week starting Monday, June 25. This week, the cards are from the Angel Tarot deck. The Angel Tarot deck was designed by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and do not have reversed cards. This week’s draw is shown below. Take a look at them and make a note of the first thing(s) that stands out to you. Our first impressions are always the right ones. It is Ego that triggers confusion. Listen to your heart instead of your brain. Ok. Let’s get started.

For Monday/Tuesday, June 25-26, the card is King of Fire. This is a card of passion and completion. The fire cards in Angel Tarot correspond to the suit of wands in traditional tarot. The king is a reminder that you are a leader or have leadership qualities and skills. It may be time to step up to the plate and take charge. There is someone who may benefit from your wisdom. The dragon represents the suit of fire. Dragons are very powerful but can also be friendly. This is the type of leader you are seeking. Kings are charismatic and able to motivate people. Early in the week, it is a good idea to be aware of projects or matters that require a leader in order to get moving. If there is no one around to take the lead, it means you must take the reins. It is time to be creative, ambitious, influential, and motivational.

For Tuesday/Wednesday, June 27-28, the card is Nine of Water. The suit of water represents our emotions and corresponds to the suit of cups in traditional tarot.  This is one of the most joyful cards in the deck because it is a reminder that your dreams are coming true. The more you are grateful for what you have the sooner you will have more to be grateful for. It is time for the beautiful things in life. This is a signal not only of financial abundance, but can also represent a fulfillment of your wishes for love, career, health, or whatever it is you are wishing for. The middle of the week is a good time to enjoy life’s pleasures and the freedom you have.

For the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, June 29-31, the card is a major arcana card, 19–The Sun. The Sun card represents self-confidence, new ideas, and infinite opportunities. It is a card of happiness. Your world may be changing and you likely feel much more awake and alive than you did perhaps a year ago. The Sun foretells of a good relationship whether it be a marriage, a friendship, or a partnership. The Sun is a very powerful card and is a reminder to not lose your curiosity or sense of wonder. This is what helps you to change and grow to new heights. On the card is Archangel Uriel who is the archangel who helps with focus, concentration, intelligence, and wisdom. Stay positive and have confidence.

That’s the weekly tarot reading. It is looking like this will be a good week for everybody. June 27 there will be a full moon in Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign (along with Virgo and Taurus). From the full moon to the new moon, it is a good time to prepare the soil for crops that grow below the ground (potatoes and root crops). The full moon in Capricorn is about self-control and discipline so that you can reap the good things you are sowing. Have a great week everybody.

Peace and love,

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