Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 07.16.2018

This is your weekly tarot for the week starting Monday, July 16, 2018. This week I used the Shadowscape Tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. The cards are posted below. Be sure to view each one closely and take note of the first thing that catches your attention. Then read below the pictures for the weekly reading.

For Monday/Tuesday, July 16-17, the card is the Page of Swords. The Page of Swords embodies honesty and truthfulness. Her mind is agile and analytical. The Page likes to get things done. She is aware of the black and white around her and does not try to change or judge these as she is very diplomatic. She is curious and leaves room to study the unknown. This is a young person working in government or law enforcement. Perhaps a diplomat or military person. Early in the week, you may encounter such a person. The energy of the Page of Swords helps people overcome aggression or violence. Swords are the suit of passion. Be confident and practice grace in any situation that stirs up emotions or passion.

For Wednesday/Thursday, July 18-19, the card is the Nine of Pentacles. The Nine of Pentacles is about balance–balancing the spiritual world with the material world. Note how the piano is one with nature; a part of the environment and communing with Spirit. The Nine of Pentacles is a reminder to enjoy life. You have been successful in creating a life you enjoy so take time to practice gratitude for family and home. The Nine of Pentacles is a feminine card so if you are male, this is a signal that you are doing a fine job of keeping in touch with the feminine qualities like empathy, diplomacy, and wisdom. Appreciate the home and family you have created. Take nothing for granted.

Finally, we come to the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, July 20-22, where the card is XVIII-The Moon. The Moon is that big light that shines in the darkness. The Moon goes through phases, and so too do we. The phase you are approaching is one of creativity. The Moon takes us beyond our practical and predictable nature. It is time to listen to your dreams and take note of your imagination. Your psychic gifts are growing and this can be a great time to begin some creative project. Follow your intuition. The Moon holds many gifts.

This is a week of feminine energy. The Page of Swords, The Nine of Pentacles, and The Moon all symbolize feminine energy. This is a week of diplomacy, empathy, intuition, creativity and acknowledging the Divine in you. Have a blessed week everybody.

Peace and Love,

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