Weekly Tarot for The Week Starting 08.20.2018

Loved ones, it has been a while since I’ve shared this space. Life has been a bit hectic but I find more than anything I miss my connection with you all through these weekly tarot readings. Someday I will try to post a little something on how to stay connected during the more challenging times in life. For today I have drawn cards from the Wildwood Tarot deck. Please review the images first and see what feelings the pictures conjure up for you. Then continue on for the general reading. As always go with your instinct and gut even if it differs from my general interpretation.

First, I want to acknowledge that all of the cards for the week are upright and they all are court cards. Court cards can typically hold meaning for either a person or a situation. The determination is based on your question for the week or you may simply feel and know whether the card is guiding you about a person or a situation.

For Monday/Tuesday, August 20-21, the card is the King of Arrows and the picture is of a kingfisher gliding over a body of water. The King of Arrows (Swords) is about authority, loyalty, imagination, strength, ambition, and power. The kingfisher is comfortable in the air or in the water diving for fish. As a person, the King of Arrows represents a figure of authority; a clever soul. You may seek counsel from this figure but if you receive advice, do not dismiss it or take it lightly. As a situation, you are asked to stay focused as you move forward. You can inspire others and make a difference in the situation.

For Wednesday/Thursday, August 22-23, the card is the Knight of Vessels and the picture is of an eel. The eel is a wise protector who swims quietly for a very long journey in an almost dreamlike state. The Knight of Vessels (Cups) is about destiny, purity, wisdom, maturity, and revelation. As a person, this card represents an elegant, charming, and cultured individual. This may be someone who is poetic, sensitive, and imaginative. The Knight of Vessels can be about romance, love, or wedding proposals. As a situation, you will want to be aware of feelings and emotions. Balance these emotions or things can get out of hand. You may find yourself overwhelmed with opportunities to attend social events. Stay balanced and focused on the goal.

For the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, August 24-26, the card is the Page of Stones and the picture is of a lynx. The lynx lives in the woodlands and is one of the animals at the top of the food chain. The Page of Stones (Pentacles) is about harmony, peace, a strong will, patience, dependability, and success. As a person, the Page of Stones represents a young person, perhaps a student, a scholar, or an introvert. This person is not afraid to do the research in order to benefit materially or emotionally. This might also be a friend who is generous and careful. As a situation, you should know that good news is coming soon. Plans are moving successfully forward. Slow and steady wins the race.

So that is it for the week. We have cards representing passion (arrows), emotion (vessels), and earthly concerns (stones). Have a good week everybody.

Peace and love,

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