Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 08.27.2018

Happy full moon to all. It feels like there is so much going on in the world today. Do you feel it? This full moon is a time of transformation, manifestation, self-reflection, and balance. I sat with the cards as the full moon rose into the night and asked what it is we need to know for the coming week. I used the Rider-Waite deck and the cards are shown below. Please take a moment to carefully read each card and take note of what it means to you personally. Depending on your questions about the coming week, the cards may hold different meanings. Once you have spent time viewing the cards, read on for my interpretation.

Alright, let’s get started with Monday/Tuesday, August 27-28. The card for the first part of the week is the Queen of Cups. We seem to be continuing our theme of women. All court cards can represent either a person or a situation. Pay special attention to women in your life. The queen is intuitive, patient, and loving. This is a good time to be nurturing or allow yourself to be nurtured. Because the queen is so intuitive and is a visionary, she may be difficult to understand. She is emotional and deep. She is most comfortable around bodies of water (lakes, ocean, rivers). You may need to go to water to find her.  If you have a situation where others are involved, trust the calm within you because you intuitively know what to do next. Nurture your love for family, friends and home. Be creative.

For Wednesday/Thursday, August 29-30, the card is the Nine of Pentacles. We leave the emotional waters and dreamy states of being and move to the more earthly matters found in the suit of pentacles. Here we have another woman on a card. This time a stately woman is walking through the garden with one hand on six pentacles indicating the wealth that is already hers and three more behind her signifying more to come. Upright this is a card of reassurance and recognition for the hard work you have done. Business is running smoothly and it is time to take a break and enjoy the luxuries that you can now afford. However, reversed, this card is a warning that there could be trouble and your diligence is required a bit longer. Beware of cancelled projects or perhaps risk of theft. This can be literally or figuratively. The middle of the week requires you to be cautious of your time and company. You can always go inward and listen to your intuition to find answers should challenges arise.

Finally, we come to the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, August 31-September 2, where the card is 20-Judgment. The major arcana card, Judgment is about awakening and renewal. Similar to the Nine of Pentacles, this card starts with recognition of the hard work you have done. The Fool is nearing the end of the journey. Stop and reflect on where you started and acknowledge where you are now. You are nearing the end of some project or relationship. Reversed, the message is to pay attention to weakness, unhappiness or fears. It is time to be assertive and continue your journey. You are too close to let others stop you. If you feel weak in your character or are sick a lot, this may be a reflection of your fears and worries. What you think becomes your reality so stay positive.

Have a good week everyone. Remember the time between the full moon and the new moon is a time of manifestation. Keep your thoughts positive and think only of what you want to manifest in the coming week. Focus your energies on family, friends, and business. Stay strong, be assertive, and always listen to your own intuition.

Peace and love,

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