Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 09.03.2018

Happy September to all. This week I felt a calling to draw cards from the Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll. I have pulled three cards for the week. Take a few deep breaths and then consider a question you have for the week. Once you have this in your mind and you are relaxed, take a look at the cards and note anything that stands out to you. Once you have done that, read on to learn more about the cards for the upcoming week.

Let’s get started. First, for Monday/Tuesday, September 3-4, the card is the King of Swords reversed. As a court card, the King of Swords can represent either a person or a situation. The suit of cups is about emotional issues. Kings are often very powerful, very strong, and they are known to be family men. They are diplomatic leaders. When the card is reversed, this means there is someone you should be mindful of. Sometimes power can bring about violence or craftiness. The calm you see before you may be hiding a fierce temper underneath. This can also be a time to work on balance. The cup holds water and the tree is grounded in the earth. You also must balance emotions with intellect. Decisions are made with good research but you should also pay attention to what your heart and gut are telling you.

For Wednesday/Thursday, September 5-6, the card is another court card. It is the Page of Swords. The suit of swords represents the intellect. Pages are very good learners. They are frequently young people in government service. These services can be helpful to society but they can also make life more challenging. Pages can also be frivolous, aggressive, or even vengeful. Beware of imposters. You may consider the middle of the week a good opportunity to learn from past mistakes or tragedies. Study the situation from all angles. You may be asked to delay or even change prior plans. Be flexible and take good care of your health.

For Friday/Saturday/Sunday, September 7-9, the card is from the major arcana. It is 10-The Wheel. The Wheel is about success, luck, or growth. This is a great way to end the week. Your mindfulness and caution early in the week will pay off. Expect new opportunities and welcome good fortune.

So the tarot is asking you to be mindful, attentive, and balanced this week. Stay grounded like the trees and find a balance between emotions and intellect. You may experience challenges early in the week but your diligence will be rewarded handsomely. The week ends with a New Moon on Sunday, September 9. The New Moon represents a new beginning. It is a great time to set your intentions through whatever ritual you practice or have fun with your tribe setting intentions. What seeds do you want to plant that you can harvest on the full moon? Have a good week everyone.

Peace and love,

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