Autumn Equinox 2018

Happy Autumn Equinox for 2018. Summer is now over and we are starting the journey toward Fall/Autumn. I have pulled a card for today and want to share it with you all. As a reminder, Autumn is a period of getting ready to be still. You have likely been busy all summer long playing, growing, learning, and expanding. Now it is time to slow down and begin to prepare for the long, cold winter ahead. This may be due to your physical geography, or it may be due to your emotional or spiritual geography. Animals are out gathering nuts and eating lots to put on a thick coat of fat to get through the winter. What is it you normally do to prepare for winter?


The card for today is the Eight of Arrows from the Wildwood Tarot. I felt called to use this particular deck to help reveal the magic and mystery of the season. The suit of arrows is associated with the element of air and the intellect or thought. There are times in our lives when the lessons to be learned can be done with the help of family and friends. Surrounded by loved ones you have an opportunity to see the struggles you face and know that you are fully supported as you walk your journey. Your tribe is always there to support you and sympathize with you. And, there are also times when the journey is yours alone; when the struggle involves moral dilemmas, spiritual growth, and emotional turmoil. This is when you show what you are made of. You dig deep and carefully place one foot in front of the other as you journal, meditate, and contemplate your core beliefs. Are you being true to you? Are you being honest with yourself and others? Is your judgment being clouded by emotions? by Ego? What is it you are struggling with? Remember, indecision is still a decision. It may not be the decision you want to make, but it is a decision. The bondage and fear you experience are a result of your inability to move. It is easy to get caught up in the struggle but when you relax, stay calm and focus on what really matters to you, then and only then can you begin to get back on the path and continue your journey with a new outlook. There is a need to move forward. One way to do this is to get out of your head and listen to your heart or your gut. Let go and step out of the thick snow. Any decision is forward progress. If it turns out it is not the decision you want, guess what? You can choose again! The goal is to get unstuck; don’t allow yourself to become trapped in a situation or in your surroundings. Move forward with confidence and peace knowing that you are divinely guided and protected.

Peace and love,

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