Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 09.24.2018

This is your weekly tarot reading for the week starting Monday, September 24, 2018. This week I felt drawn to use the Fairy Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. As always, I have pulled three cards for the week after quiet meditation and focusing on the question, “What is it we all might learn in the coming week”? With the intention of gaining an accurate and helpful reading, I asked to stay in my higher self and release the ego chatter so that I could accurately see the divine messages, hear the divine messages, feel the divine messages, and know the divine messages that come through the cards. The cards are shown below. Please remember to sit in quiet contemplation and hold your intention as you focus on the cards. Then read below for my interpretation.

For Monday/Tuesday, September 23-24 the card is Four of Autumn. The season of autumn corresponds to the suit of pentacles, the element of earth, and Archangel Ariel. Earth cards are about our everyday lives and relationships here on earth. The Four of Autumn is a reminder to balance your finances. The number 4 is likened to the four legs on a table that help to keep it balanced. I had a minister once who said, when you pray for abundance in any form (finances, relationships, time…) it is good to ask for enough to share, save, and spend in that order. Where are you sharing your abundance? Do you remember to help those less fortunate? Do you have ample supply to save? Even if it is pennies per day, it is good practice to save. Are you spending everything as it comes in? Sometimes there is a tendency to judge our abundance based on what others have. Instead, balance your own abundance. Count your blessings and then face your challenges. Everything you currently have, you asked for. Be aware of your finances as you begin the week. Remember there is much to be grateful for in life. The goal is not money, but what money signifies for you.

For the middle of the week, Wednesday/Thursday, September 25-26, the card is King of Winter. The season of winter corresponds to the suit of swords, the element of air, and Archangel Michael. Court cards can be about either a person or a situation. You will know which applies to you. The King of Winter is a brilliant intellectual. This is someone you can come to with challenges. He is impartial and very professional. However, as with many intellectuals, the King of Winter can be emotionally unavailable. If you need advice in the middle of the week, find your King of Winter. If you are seeking a romantic relationship with heartfelt conversations late into the night, you may want to avoid the impressive King of Winter.

Finally, for the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, September 27-29, the card is Nine of Summer. The season of summer corresponds to the suit of cups, the element of water, and Archangel Raphael. In Fairy Tarot the Nine of Summer is called the Wishes Come True card. The Nine of Summer is about material success, satisfaction, and physical well-being. Rest assured that all you have dreamed of, worked for, or asked for is on its way to you now. If you have wishes unfulfilled, now is the time to sit and contemplate them. Imagine your dreams, write them down, and then wait to see how they materialize. It should be a very good weekend as we end the month of September.

There will be a full moon in Aries on Monday, September 24-25. Aries is a fire sign. This will be a time of passion. Be sure to monitor self-control and discipline. The full moon is a time to release, purge, and cleanse as you prepare to reap your harvest and begin to plant new seeds. Remember to put any divination tools you have, including cards and crystals, in the light of the full moon to be cleansed and energized. Then have a lovely rest of the week.

Peace and love,


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