Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 10.08.2018

Happy New Moon Everyone! It is a time to plant seeds. It is time to set your intentions and watch them grow toward fruition as the moon moves through the waxing phase, growing bigger and bigger.

This is your weekly tarot for the week starting Monday, October 8. The cards calling me this week were from the Wildroot Tarot deck. The cards are shown below. So take three deep breaths, set your intention for the reading and then follow along.

The first card for Monday/Tuesday, October 8-9 is the Five of Arrows reversed. The suit of Arrows corresponds to the suit of swords in traditional tarot and represents the element of air, intellect, thought, and Archangel Michael. The Five of Arrows is about frustration. How many of you had a frustrating Monday? Frustration can be brought about by any number of things but is essentially a distraction. Without focus, you can find yourself wandering about aimlessly. You can feel lost or defeated. The archer is releasing arrows but missing the mark. Don’t waste your valuable resources or energy. Fives often bring about challenges that lead to great opportunities. Stay calm and grounded so that you can more clearly see the opportunities available for you.

The card for Wednesday/Thursday, October 10-11 is Ace of Bows reversed. The suit of bows corresponds to the suit of wands in traditional tarot and represents the element of fire, action, passion, and Archangel Gabriel. The Aces always signal a beginning or new creations. However, when reversed we want to be careful and look for false starts or canceled plans. Thinking may become difficult in the middle of the week as you find your judgment clouded. The Universe always responds with enlightenment, challenge, and opportunity. Rather than fight against nature, work with the Universe to shape the tools you need in life. It may be time to learn a new skill or to be more flexible in order to avoid failure and ruin. The Ace of Bows is a masculine and virile card. If you are a woman, this card can indicate problems with men in your life.

Finally, we get to the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, October 12-14 where the card is the Seven or Arrows. The focus of this card is on insecurity. The Seven or Arrows indicates you should be very mindful in order to avoid unwise actions or failing plans. Take responsibility for your actions and not for the actions of others. If you should find you make a mistake, admit it. Acknowledge the mistake and continue to move forward in integrity. Think through all plans thoroughly. Some of your greatest fears and self-destructive drives are born of emotional insecurity or lack of self-discipline. When sevens show up in a reading it often means this is a good time for introspection or soul searching.

So it appears there will be a lot of energy spent in your head this week. Be careful with your thoughts, stay focused, get grounded, remember your purpose, and do not get too hasty in your actions. Avoid drama and have a good week.

Peace and love,

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