Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 10.15.2018

This is your weekly tarot for the week starting Monday, October 15. I just purchased a beautiful new deck and after cleansing and blessing them, I have used them for this week’s tarot reading. The deck is the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake with artwork by Elisabeth Alba. With conscious attention and intention, I asked what it is we all might want to focus on this week. The cards are shown below.

For Monday/Tuesday, October 15-16, the card is the Two of Wands. Twos are about choices and finding balance. Choices are good. This is part of our free will. But you don’t want to get stuck in the contemplation, research, and planning so much that you get bogged down. It is time to make a choice. Twos are also about creativity. How are you being creative? Perhaps you have been busy with the more mundane aspects of life and have not spent time being creative. Maybe you have focused on the earthly matters and have not spent time on your spiritual growth. The Two of Wands is a reminder that you have what you need materially so your time may be better spent on self-expression and more creative endeavors. Be sure to pay attention to balance in your life during the early part of the week. Don’t spend all of your time dreaming about the future rather than living in the present.

For Wednesday/Thursday, October 17-18, the card is a major arcana card. It is 13-Death. When this card follows the Two of Wands, it is a reminder that sometimes one door must be shut before another door can open. You must end one project before you can successfully begin another. Major arcana cards call attention to the bigger aspects of our lives such as marriage, employment, graduations, and such. Endings exist so that we might experience new beginnings. Consider it a rebirth. There are new ideas waiting to emerge from you and these could be related to your creativity or spiritual growth. But in order for this transformation to occur, you must first release something. Will it be painful? Likely, but death is not a surprise. You likely are already aware of the need to let go of something or someone. Mourn your loss and then, look for the open door.

For the end of the week, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, October 19-21, the card is the Ace of Pentacles. Aces represent new beginnings. This could be a sign that once you let go of whatever it is you need to let go of in the middle of the week, you could find something new to replace it as soon as the weekend. The Ace of Pentacles is a good card to end the week on. You may find positive changes or news relating to your money, your home, or your career. Pentacles represent the earthly concerns including your finances, pleasure, and contentment.

That is the reading for the week. Be sure to find balance in your life early in the week, release that which no longer serves you in the middle of the week, and by the weekend you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor with family and friends.

Peace and Love,

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