Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 10.22.2018

Hello all, this is your weekly tarot reading for the week starting Monday, October 22, 2018. I have used the Everyday Witch Tarot cards by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba for the week. I did something slightly different from the usual draw. Normally I ask simply what it is that we all might need to know or be aware of for the coming week. I do this in order to leave the draw more open to interpretation and allow more individualized readings. This week, I felt drawn to ask about love. More specifically, I asked what it is that we all might need to focus on in order to remember the love that we all are. The intention was to make love grow within so that it is more visible without. The cards are shown below. Spent a minute with a couple of deep breaths and then ask a question surrounding love in your life. What is it you want to know about love? Then review the cards and see what they say to you before continuing with my interpretation.

What a great draw. Let’s see what we have here. First, for Monday/Tuesday, October 22-23, the card is the Two of Cups. Twos are about compatibility and partnership. A balance between two. It is about connections. Early in the week be aware of your connectedness with others. It might be a lover, a friend, a family member, the environment, or the most important relationship you have–with yourself. The Two of Cups is about a deep, important, healthy, and positive relationship. Together you two will create great things. Note how the card shows two people celebrating. This is a card of love. Achieve balance in yourself. Love yourself! You are a unique expression of the Divine and so you ARE love. Find your inner balance between the earthly you and the spiritual you.

For the middle of the week, Wednesday/Thursday, October 24-25, the card is a major arcana–6-The Lovers. The Lovers can be about a romantic relationship. Often this is the case. However, there is more to The Lovers card. It can be about the power that love brings to heal and protect. This card shows two witches standing together perhaps in truth as friends or siblings. Together they are making the mundane magical. This card is about choices. The choices you make will either attract or repel love, beauty, and harmony. Because it is a major arcana, it is good to consider the major decisions in your life. Are you faced with big choices? Research and knowledge are helpful in making decisions, but it is equally important to listen to your heart; your gut. Get quiet, and listen to the still, small voice within. This is your compass.

For the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, October 26-28, the card is the Seven of Wands. This is a sign that you are ready to defend your choices no matter what. Notice how the witch and her trusty friend are poised to defend themselves. She is not afraid. Sometimes when you have been fighting or defending for so long, it can become a habit. Stop and ask yourself, “What am I guarded against? What am I afraid of? Is there a valid reason for these fears?” Perhaps it is time to put the wand down and return to love. Whether the battle is with others or with yourself, whether it is an exchange of words or ideas, stand your ground and you will be victorious. This card can also mean that your goals cannot be achieved until victory is achieved. Take note of any competition you are involved in and then consider, discussion, bartering, or delaying. Wands are about passion and we all can be blinded periodically when we work from a stance of passion.

C’mon folks, you see how the Divine works in our lives. All you have to do is ask and be open and receptive to messages that come through the divination tools. The cards flow nicely from becoming aware of your own balanced relationships to moving to more magical relationships filled with love, to knowing you hold the power. Other astrological things to be aware of this week, include the sun entering Scorpio on Tuesday, October 23, and the Full Hunter’s Moon on Wednesday, October 24. It will be a daytime moon rising at 10:47 am, MST. According to Astrology King, this full moon can bring about unexpected love. Veils are thinnest at the full moon so beware of whom you invite into your life. Full moons are also a time to reap what you sowed during the New Moon. Get ready to prepare your divination tools and set them out where the full moon can charge them with her luscious energy.

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