Tarot For The Week Starting 11.12.2018

This week, I pulled a single card from the Archangel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. The card for the week is 3-The Empress. In this particular tarot deck, we find Archangel Gabriel. One of the more common interpretations of The Empress card is that of fertility. If you have been trying to have children, this could apply to you. She brings good news of fertility and conception. But there are other meanings for The Empress as well. The Empress is about creativity. She comes to let you know that you will flourish as long as you are devoted to what you are creating and give it the attention and love necessary to grow.

Archangel Gabriel’s name means “God is my strength.” You have the strength of all of God’s messengers (angels and archangels) to be successful in your pursuits. Gabrel is the patron angel for those in the creative arts. This can include journalists, writers, artists, musicians, or other similar arts. If you are struggling with a project, Gabriel is here to help you. Call upon Archangel Gabriel for encouragement and support to help you give birth to your creative projects. If you are creative by nature, The Empress can help you to have a fertile imagination. If you are creative in nature, she can represent Mother Earth and help you to become more abundant in the pleasures of the Earth. For the very young, she represents a very secure and fertile future.

Have a good week everybody.

Peace and love,

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