Tarot Spread for Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I have created a spread for gratitude on this Thanksgiving holiday, but first a little history lesson. The act of a public thanksgiving was first celebrated back in 1621 when the English colonists (Pilgrims) of Plymouth celebrated with the Wampanoag people. During this early celebration, there was a lot of food, drink, and a bit of rowdiness. There were races and guns fired in celebration. In addition to this original day of Thanksgiving, there were many other days of thanksgiving celebrated. These were days of prayer for things like military victories, the end of a drought, and the enactment of the Constitution. It was Sarah Josepha Hale who first campaigned for a national Thanksgiving Day holiday as a symbol of unity. She won over President Abraham Lincoln and on October 3, 1863, Thanksgiving Day became a national holiday. Today we continue this celebration with lots of food, drinking, football, prayer, and most of all, unity with others.

To show you how this works, I am going to share what I got when I sat quietly and pulled cards using this spread.

  1. What relationship blessings have I harvested this year? (King of Cups).
    There have been some emotionally challenging times this past year. Through the struggle, there have also been blessings as my relationships with family have grown stronger. The King of Cups represents peace and balance. Through kindness and compassion, blessings have been harvested. **Remember to consider ALL relationships including the relationship with Self and with the Divine.**
  2. What blessings of abundance have I harvested this year? (Seven of Cups Reversed)
    Sevens represent reassessment and planning. Decisions have been made that will help my vision become reality. Through determination and careful choices, an abundant life is possible. **Remember abundance can manifest in all areas and not just financial.**

  3. How can I express gratitude for my relationships? (The Hermit)
    Gratitude and thankfulness come when the mind is quiet and the heart speaks. Gratitude is more than words; it is a feeling found when we are still. Through meditation, contemplation, and prayer, gratitude for my relationships with family, friends, myself and the Divine is expressed.
  4. How can I express gratitude for my abundant life? (Nine of Wands Reversed)
    Again, gratitude is expressed in solitude. It is an individual act. I must stay focused and be aware of all the ways that life is abundant. I will not take anything for granted and will not hesitate to be grateful for the seemingly small things in life for these lead to larger things. Be grateful for it all.
  5. How can I continue to create an abundant life? (The World)
    Follow through to completion. An abundant life involves balance, travel, and liberation. It means successfully triumphing over obstacles. Confidently walk my path and stay true to me.

Peace and love,


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