Self-Care Part 2

Earlier I wrote about the origins of self-care. Today I want to share a little bit more about self-care and offer a tarot spread for self-care. While it is important to practice self-care regularly and can be done without any particular challenge in mind, I want to focus on the self-care that is a necessary part of life’s challenges. As you face and get through any number of challenges that life places on your plate, you get stronger and perhaps even gain the title of survivor. I know this from personal experience. We all are survivors. We all have or are surviving some challenge or major life event. Consider the following and ask yourself how many of these life events you have survived.

  • child abuse (including neglect)
  • divorce
  • surgeries and hospitalization
  • adolescence
  • poverty
  • homelessness
  • unemployment or underemployment
  • relocation
  • chronic illness
  • mental illness
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • the loss of a loved one
  • coming out as different from the dominant population

This is a short list of some things that can create human suffering and can require self-care. What did self-care look like for you as you worked through these challenges? What worked for you? What didn’t work for you? One thing is certain, you cannot simply ignore any of these or pretend they did not or do not exist. Each must be looked in the eye squarely. Once you identify the challenge and you identify your desire to get through it successfully, you can begin the work of self-care. See Part 1 for a list of various ways to practice self-care. In some instances, it might be as easy as a positive affirmation recited several times throughout the day and in other instances, it might require a little more effort like ending an unhealthy relationship, going back to school, or finding a new doctor. What works for you is what matters. We are all unique individuals and no one form of self-care is going to be applicable to everyone or even every situation.

I have created a tarot spread for anyone wishing to work through challenging life events, past or present. Before you start, make sure you get centered and have clear intentions. You want to be clear about just one challenge that you want to work on for now.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 11.47.32 AM

  1. How can I nurture my physical Self during this challenge?
  2. How can I find peace during this challenge?
  3. How can I stay spiritually connected during this challenge?
  4. What must I do to release this challenge and learn the lesson?

It is important to remember that through the Law of Attraction you attract the cards you need. If you are unclear on the challenge you want to practice self-care with, the cards will reflect the challenge that weighs most heavily on your heart, mind, and soul.

This is a very busy time of year when people forget that human nature is calling us to slow down. It is a good time to practice deep breathing and try to do some form of exercise a few times a week. Keep the blood flowing. If you listen to your body, mind, and soul, she will tell you what she needs.

Peace and love,

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