2018 In Review

As I work on a preview of 2019, getting clear on how I want to feel and what I hope to experience, I begin with a review of 2018. There are quite a few people out there who feel as though 2018 was a challenging year. It was a year of setting up, preparing, and getting things in order for 2019. Well, I took a look at the annual tarot reading for 2018 and this is what I found.

Take a look at the cards and reflect how each month or phase of the year went for you. A very quick summary of the 2018 tarot spread looks something like this.

  • January 2018 (7 of Pentacles) — patience, perseverance
  • February 2018 (4 of Wands) — celebration, relaxation
  • March 2018 (3 of Wands reversed) — prepare for possible challenges
  • April 2018 (Ace of Pentacles reversed) — lack of planning
  • May 2018 (The Sun reversed) — challenges, uncertainties
  • June 2018 (The Fool reversed) — recklessness or holding back
  • July 2018 (The Star) — hope, renewal, spirituality
  • August 2018 (5 of Pentacles) — financial loss, worry
  • September 2018 ( 10 of Cups) — healthy relationships
  • October 2018 (King of Swords) — truth, mental discipline
  • November 2018 (Page of Wands) — exploration, freedom
  • December 2018 ( 2 of Cups reversed) — imbalance, disharmony

So here is where you take a look at what happened in your life during 2018 and look for connections. This is how a summary of my year might look. In January I was home helping my mother. I was patient because I had plans to travel but felt I needed to be home. By February I was relaxed at home and celebrating my time with my mother. Mom passed unexpectedly in March. I had to prepare for challenges unlike any I had ever had to deal with before. By April, I was essentially flying by the seat of my pants and unable to create a plan for a future without mom. These challenges and uncertainties continued through May and by June I was really being reckless with my finances and yet still holding back my authentic self. By July I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could see glimpses of hope in my future. However, the crazy summer would leave me in a bit of a financial loss by August. By the time September came, family relationships were looking very healthy. I was beginning to feel the love that was always there. When October came around, my mental clarity was also improving and I had a desire to start writing again. November brought a time to explore my spirituality and passions. We are now in December and while I am feeling much better than I was at the beginning of the year, I am aware of some financial imbalances. There is disharmony in my bank account. But if this is all I have to fret over, then my life is bliss. Try doing the same for your year.

I notice that there were four months where the cards were reversed and indicated challenges. The reversed cards are all major arcana cards. Representing the bigger events in our lives, the major arcana cards were present in my life indicating major life changes that took place during this time. This began in March. After June the cards turned around but with some hesitation. There was hope in the future. What major life challenges did you encounter from March to June? This might be a loss such as what I’ve shared but it might also be the addition of a new member of the family. Babies bring about lots of challenges. The vibe is very different but the idea behind the tarot is the same. A challenge is a challenge.

Peace and love,

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