Tarot Spread For 2019

The year 2018 held many gifts. Some of them were painful and others were filled with joy. The gifts are easy to see when they arrive with joy, love, and happiness. The challenge is to continue to look for blessings when there is pain, loss, or unhappiness. This year, rather than ask the Divine what to expect in each month of the new year, I have elected to focus on something a little different. I have created a tarot spread to help release 2018 and prepare for 2019.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 10.30.38 PM

The cards read as follows (see the italicized part for each card):

Card 1 asks what you must release from 2018 to prepare for 2019. What or who do you need to release in order to begin the new year without baggage?

Card 2 asks what gifts can you carry into 2019. There is likely much you learned in the past year, and after you release what no longer serves you, you want to be clear about the gifts you bring with you into the new year.

Card 3 focuses on your aspirations, dreams, or desires for 2019. What is it you long for? Remember the law of attraction means you will see what is on your heart, whether your brain asks for it or not. Be careful to note whether you draw a major arcana card or a minor arcana card. A major arcana card means you long for some big changes in 2019. Also, pay attention to whether you draw a court card or a pip card. Court cards can indicate a transformation in you or someone close to you. Pip cards will focus more on details in your life.

Cards 4-7 ask about various aspects in your life. You want to learn about your career and finances (4), important relationships (5), health and well-being (6), and spiritual growth or creativity (7). Again, pay close attention to major arcana cards and reversed cards. These are messages from the Divine indicating areas where you will want to be diligent in the coming year.

Card 8 reveals what your main focus will be in 2019. This might be related to cards 4-7 or it might be something totally different.

Card 9 reveals what you will struggle with most in 2019. Challenges help us to grow. When we are aware of the challenge we can better prepare and see the lesson more easily or quickly.

Card 10 is related to card 3 in that it reveals what you can expect in 2019. Based on your dreams and desires (card 3) what is the big picture for 2019?

There you have it. Be sure to set your intention for an accurate and helpful reading. Pray, meditate, contemplate, light candles, burn sage, or just sit quietly in nature or at your kitchen table and pull cards. What does the new year hold for you?

Peace and love,

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