Let it go

We are now into 2019. This is January, the first month of the new year. January gets its name from the Roman god Janus. Janus is the god of transitions, duality, beginnings and endings. There is a Roman coin depicting Janus as having two heads: one looking toward the past and one looking toward the future.


Starting with the Winter Solstice in December, it is common practice to look back on what has happened during the past year and identify things that no longer serve you, including people you may wish to release. This can carry over into the new year–into January. There are a number of ways that people release the old in anticipation of something new. The process is symbolic and requires intention. Some of the different ways to release or let go include throwing items out a window, sending items out to sea, burning items, or putting items in the trash, to name a few. If you are releasing people, you can write their names on paper and then proceed with any of the previous. The same goes for beliefs that no longer serve you.

Of course, all of this is done so that you can be more open and receptive to making changes in the new year. Before you can pick up a new piece of luggage, you must first drop the one you are holding. But this does not have to occur just in December/January. I remind you of the power of intention. If it is your intention to cleanse, release, or rid yourself of anyone or anything, you do not need to wait for a particular date(s) on the calendar. You can release any time you feel the need.

Personally, I have burned pieces of paper with things I release, but I like to release by cutting etheric cords; often in the shower. As I cleanse my body, I also cleanse my spirit. I ask Archangel Michael to use his great sword of light to cut cords to anything or anyone that brings me a feeling of negativity. According to Doreen Virtue, “etheric cords act like hoses, with energy directed back and forth between both people.” This includes not just people, but ANYTHING. If you want to stop craving sugar, cut that cord. If you want to stop pinning over an old love, cut that cord. If you are having trouble selling something (a house perhaps), cut that cord. I think about what it is I want to let go of; I ask for help from the Divine, and then I use my right arm and motion downward through the air as though I am holding Archangel Michael’s sword and cutting the cord. I then allow the water to wash over me and feel the cleansing effect as energy begins to resurge. If the attachment is really strong–that is you have been attached for some time or were heavily invested emotionally or spiritually– you may have several cords and so you may need to cut through them all before you feel really free.

So don’t wait for a particular date on the calendar to release negativity in your life. Live a clean, healthy, positive life now. Stop holding on to that which no longer serves you. Let it go, let it go, let it go.

Peace and love,

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