Perfect v. Perfectionism

Recently I overheard a conversation about the difference between being perfect and striving for perfectionism. The conversation really moved me so I thought I might share some thoughts here for you all. Naturally, this is expressed in the spiritual realm that I prefer to work in.

Let’s start with PERFECTIONISM. Perfectionism is a dis-ease. I am as guilty of this trait as the next person. We live in a society that equates success with perfectionism. If you are not striving for perfectionism then, it is believed, you cannot be successful.

Striving for perfectionism causes you to feel you are less than perfect. The big motivation for perfectionism is psychological. Perfectionism arises from fear and is about control. The question that naturally comes up is, What happens if I fail? People will no longer like me? When really, the question you should ask is, Why don’t I like myself as I am?

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
~Thomas A. Edison

Where would we be if Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, or others were paralyzed by fear and didn’t try the things they tried. How many times did these people “fail” before they found success? The problem with striving for perfectionism in everything you do is that you can not reach perfectionism within society. You set yourself up for failure by making perfectionism your goal.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
~Albert Einstein

Don’t misunderstand me. It is good to set goals and try your hardest to reach them. Hard work toward goals that you set means that you are interested in creating. As expressions of the Creator, we are here to create. But if you are not a success the first time out, don’t give up. And more importantly, don’t let fear of failure keep you from trying. You are here to be creative.

A failure doesn’t mean you are unworthy,
nor does it preclude success on the next try.
~Leonard Mlodinow

You see, you are already PERFECT. In the eyes of the beloved, the Divine, Spirit, Universe, God… we all are perfect. As expressions of the Divine, united with the Divine, there is nothing that needs to be done to claim this. You have no flaws and no imperfections. You are perfect. Your purpose in life is to find joy and share your gifts with other perfect beings.

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavely Father is perfect.
~Matthew 5:48



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