Glacier National Park 09.2018

In September I traveled to the Glacier National Park (GNP) in Montana, USA. I have longed to see the majestic beauty of this park. The trip was last minute, and the cloud cover made it a little challenging for pictures, but Mother Nature did not disappoint. Some of the pictures I have shared show trees [...]

The Grand Teton National Park

After a night in Jackson, Wyoming, I left to make my way to Powell, Wyoming. The road was not a straight one. Yellowstone National Park is still closed (or was at the time I traveled; it opened May 1) so that meant going around the park. From the map, you may notice how US-191 goes [...]

From Idaho to Wyoming

I went to Boise to check in with my daughter who is 8+ months pregnant. After visiting with her and seeing how well she is doing, I felt I had time to drive to Wyoming and visit my little sister before the baby arrives. Mom has been gone just five weeks and I am finding [...]

Driving Through Nevada

Driving through Nevada can be fun, boring, or cathartic. Perhaps traveling anywhere can be any of these--it just depends on where you are personally and what you are looking to experience. My goal on this particular day was to get from Henderson, Nevada and into Idaho. I was unsure about where I might stop and [...]

California to Nevada

Late last week I began some travel with the purpose of visiting family. Since my mother's passing, I have made it my focus to keep in touch with loved ones a little better than I had previously. That was her joy in life--family. So I have been on the phone more regularly and visiting when [...]