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Hi! I am Veronica Lynne, a professional tarot and oracle card reader/teacher, and a certified Angel Intuitive™. I received my training from the “Angel Lady” herself, Doreen Virtue. Like many others before me, I have been an intuitive all of my life. I am also a physical and emotional empath. My primary “clairs” are clairsentience and claircognizance. I became a Certified Angel Card Reader™ because I felt a calling to serve others in a loving way. I have a number of tarot and oracle decks I work with but find all of the Angel tarot and oracle card decks provide the guidance needed without fear or intimidation. We all have a guardian angel and some of us have many guardian angels looking over us, but did you know that beyond your guardian angel there are angels among us just waiting to offer assistance and guidance? The only condition is that we must ask for their help. Because we have free will, the angels do not interfere or get involved until we ask for their help. This is the same for the elementals. As a certified Fairyologist™ I also enjoy working with the elementals for guidance and understanding about our planet, the environment, and playfulness through the Fairy tarot and oracle card decks.

I use tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, and sometimes astrology as divination tools to help myself and others better understand messages from the divine. I have been an educator for 25+ years. I have known teaching others is my purpose in life since I was a young adult. I love teaching others how to work with the angels through divination tools to get answers to questions about life. If you have a question or situation you are concerned about and you want to hear what God’s messengers have to share with you, I hope you will feel free to call on me to help you better understand what the angels want you to know. Whether it be a question about love, occupation, health, or anything else, the answers you seek are waiting to be revealed. When I do readings I use a variety of card decks and layouts depending on the type of question. I let the angels guide me to the divination tool that works best for the question asked. Even better, perhaps you would like to learn how to read oracle and tarot cards for yourself. I am happy to teach a small class of you and your close friends at a location that works for you. I travel the U.S. but spend the majority of my time in the Pacific Northwest. If you want more information please email me at theangelcardreader@gmail.com

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