Minor Arcana – Court Cards

Let’s talk about court cards. The court cards include the pages, knights, queens, and kings. Although court cards are represented by individuals, they can represent either people or situations during a reading. It is up to the individual you are doing a reading for to identify which speaks to him or her. You must trust your intuition and don’t try to second-guess yourself. Your first thought is often the correct one.

Another important thing to remember is that court carts can be gender neutral. Just because a page or queen card comes up, it does not mean that the reading is about a female. Similarly, if a knight or king card comes up it does not necessarily mean that the reading is about a male. The court cards can be gender neutral; it is the personality traits that the reader and querent must focus on. If you draw a queen for example, but the personality traits identified resonate with a male, then go with your intuition.

So how can you tell if the card represents a person or a situation? If the answer to this isn’t clear from your intuition, you can remember that the cards always tell a story. If you have drawn other pip cards and a court card is included in the spread, you need to ask the querent about the story that is being told. On the Angel Cards, the writing at the top of court cards often refers to personality traits (note sometimes the picture itself triggers an immediate understanding); and at the bottom of the card is advice or key phrases that that can trigger an understanding relating to a situation.

So let’s see what the court cards generally symbolize and then in another post we can look at each of the court cards in their suit.

Page Cards

Page cards frequently indicate beginnings. You know how things are a little disorganized and your thoughts are a little scattered as you begin a project? Well, this can be seen on a Page card. Pages lack experience but they have all of the excitement of a child getting ready for a trip to Disneyland! They don’t understand the details or all is involved in making a trip to Disneyland, but they are excited and ready to go. Page cards offer optimism and can also be viewed as messengers bringing opportunities and ideas with them. Unfortunately, also like children, Pages don’t always complete what they set out to accomplish. Page cards might indicate that it is time to grow up, stop being so flighty and complete some project.

Knight Cards

Knights have some maturity to them. They are experienced and can stay focused on a task to completion. They love to go on adventures and want to be of service. This is an important point to note–while Knights want to see something to completion, their motives for doing certain tasks is equally as important. So when a Knight shows up it is time to get to work. Remember that it takes years of training to become a Knight so they have all of the discipline and devotion necessary for any task. They are loyal to the cause or to their leaders. Knights are fearless, which can be a little unstable, but the suit of the card will offer more advice. Remember that lots of manpower and artillery aren’t always the answer to a challenge. Sometimes great understanding and forgiveness show more strength than the strongest and bravest Knight.

Queen Cards

Queens represent the nurturer in us all. They are loving, supportive, and multi-talented. Queens are full of deep feelings for their tribe, their family, their situations and any challenges they might encounter. The Queen cards are about feelings–love, desire, sadness, laughter. The feeling doesn’t stop, even when they are thinking. Another important point is that with Queens, everything is personal, so if you draw a Queen card you need to take serious inventory. Queens have dignity and they show restraint; they are discreet and do not like to make scenes. This is all good because Queens also know how to use their emotions for good. Allow yourself to feel deeply when you see a Queen card and then work toward finding a way to express those feelings creatively.

King Cards

King cards represent authority. This can be our employers, supervisors, parents, government, military, or anyone who wields power over us. They take charge by making decisions, delegating tasks and serving as leaders in any situation. Kings have the ability to remove themselves emotionally from a situation and represent detachment or the ability to assess a situation dispassionately. The King cards are the opposite of the Queen cards. Kings are more about intellect and less about emotion. If a King card is drawn we should pay careful attention and think about our challenges. The King cards can show us how to be more logical about our questions or issues.