Minor Arcana – Pip Cards

Now let’s take a look at the pip cards (Ace through 10) in the minor arcana. These cards are similar to the major arcana cards in that they progress through a type of story. As I indicated earlier, the major arcana generally represent the big events in our lives like weddings and jobs. The minor arcana reflect the most mundane aspects or smaller events in our daily lives. Keep in mind that each pip card follows the energy of the suit it is drawn in.

Aces: Ace cards represent beginnings. They are like seeds we plant in the ground; seeds that must be tended to or given attention in order to grow. Like the garden that is our life, the things we give our attention to tend to produce the greatest fruits while those seeds we ignore may stay buried in the ground or produce very little fruit. We must work at nurturing the seeds found in the Ace cards so that we have a bountiful basket by the time we get to the 10’s.

Twos: Twos represent … twos. The twos are about balance. It may be that your project is now out of balance and is asking for some attention. Or when you feel conflicted and need to make a choice, a two may show up for you. The twos are signaling that it is time to reevaluate and reprioritize in order to get back on track. A two can also indicate that it is a good idea to bring two influences together to form one. Twos can also represent new relationships. For example, a two of fire could represent a new business partner, whereas a two of water can represent a more personal relationship.

Threes: I think of threes as a three-legged stool. If we did our work in the 2’s we now have some stability. We have a foundation and can begin building. It is time to get creative if you see threes. Threes represent a need to take inventory, develop skills, and grow stronger. Growth can mean that you will acquire an additional partner (3 of fire) or perhaps a child (3 of water)

Fours: Where we found some stability in our three-legged stool, we now have a more solid foundation–think table. Fours ask us to become more disciplined and get organized. Fours represent structure and order. It could be that in this moment of reflection, we see that we have perhaps been too rigid following the rules and now we need a little spontaneity or celebration for all of the hard work we have put in thus far.

Fives: Fives signify more challenging situations. Five is a number of change. If we are somehow resisting change, a five can show up informing us that it is time to make a move toward change. Fives make us feel a little uncomfortable. We may have a big headache from hitting our head against the wall. If we pay attention, implement and embrace change, we can find freedom.

Sixes: With sixes, we are now past the halfway mark. Sixes represent the journey. We have moved past the challenges we found in the fives and are now back to making progress. Sixes let us know that we are on the right path. When we see sixes we may feel nostalgic and want to reflect on our journey thus far. Drawing a six should put a smile on your face. Go ahead; you’ve earned it.

Sevens: With the progress made, sevens may have us doing some soul-searching. We begin to question the meaning of life and where we fit in this wonderful world. Sevens require us to become more introspective. The outer side of our lives is progressing, and so we have time to think in terms of our spirituality. Sevens can indicate that we are questioning choices we have made or the dreams we continue to hold on to. There is also the question of what are we willing to endure in order to achieve those dreams.

Eights: Eights show we are making progress toward our goals. Eights represent power so we must be mindful of our thoughts and keep them positive. Focusing on what can be is good but we also need to pay attention to what is. Stay present. Eights can be emotional and the best way to stay strong emotionally is to stay strong physically. Hydrate, rest, and exercise are important when we see eights.

Nines: Nines represent extremes. Nines indicate we have come far on this journey and we may want to celebrate our progress. Nines are also solitary so that celebration should be solo. When we draw nines we need to reflect on how much of our project or relationship is a result of listening to others and how much comes from our own decisions. Nines indicate it is time to stop listening to others for guidance and turn inward. Meditate, do yoga, go to a religious service; whatever it takes for you to hear that quiet voice within. Be mindful that we are close to the end of the journey, BUT we are not there yet.

Tens: Yay! Tens signal that we have completed our journey; they represent a conclusion of some sort. Keep in mind that not all endings are happy endings and sometimes even the happy ones can be bittersweet. In any case, the journey is over and we can celebrate and wait to start the next journey.