Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 10.22.2018

Hello all, this is your weekly tarot reading for the week starting Monday, October 22, 2018. I have used the Everyday Witch Tarot cards by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba for the week. I did something slightly different from the usual draw. Normally I ask simply what it is that we all might need to [...]

Glacier National Park 09.2018

In September I traveled to the Glacier National Park (GNP) in Montana, USA. I have longed to see the majestic beauty of this park. The trip was last minute, and the cloud cover made it a little challenging for pictures, but Mother Nature did not disappoint. Some of the pictures I have shared show trees [...]


I looked at my phone at 11:11 am today on 10.01. Yesterday, I inadvertently looked at the time and saw it was 11:11 am. Later that night it happened again at 11:11 pm. This has gone on for about 3 days now. I feel so blessed. The angels are clearly watching over me. When synchronicities [...]