Weekly Tarot For The Week Starting 09.03.2018

Happy September to all. This week I felt a calling to draw cards from the Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll. I have pulled three cards for the week. Take a few deep breaths and then consider a question you have for the week. Once you have this in your mind and you are relaxed, [...]

Angel Tarot for September 2017

Well, we have reached the end of another month and are on the cusp of a new month. There is so much going on in the Universe right now. The time between the solar eclipse and the next full moon is proving to be intense. Emotions are running high. It is a time of extremes. [...]

Angel Tarot for 2017

The spread I used for the 2017 reading was circular like a clock where 1 o'clock is January, 2 o'clock is February, and so on ending with 12 o'clock, which is December. Then I also drew the 13th card and placed it in the center representing overall feelings and thoughts about 2017. This is what [...]

10-The Wheel

So after spending quiet time in meditation with The Hermit, our Dreamer comes next to 10-The Wheel.     As you can see the 10 card in RW is Wheel of Fortune and in Angel tarot, it is just The Wheel. I am not sure why "of Fortune" is tacked on to the end of [...]