Angel Tarot for November 2017

My apologies for such a tardy post. I have been met with a number of personal challenges that have either fogged my clarity or had me sitting in a hole unable to clearly access my intuitive abilities. The truth is I was unable to get beyond my own needs and see a bigger picture for [...]

Angel Tarot for October 2017

September has come and gone and it was BIG! As the angel cards predicted, it was a very BIG month for me and my family. I am curious to know how it turned out for others. October is now upon us and Autumn is here. Leaves are turning colors and the weather is cooler. As [...]

Angel Tarot for 2017

The spread I used for the 2017 reading was circular like a clock where 1 o'clock is January, 2 o'clock is February, and so on ending with 12 o'clock, which is December. Then I also drew the 13th card and placed it in the center representing overall feelings and thoughts about 2017. This is what [...]